Best of OU Create 8/06-8/12

We are drawing closer to a new school year with an excited set of freshman almost in sight. In preparation, our students have uploaded posts about different topics, ranging from Camp Crimson experiences to important truths about studying abroad. We hope you’re getting into the school mood as you read the Best of OU Create 8/06 – 8/12!

And now for the roundup…

Camp Crimson is one of the first ways through which freshmen get to connect with their peers whilst adjusting to the OU community. In his post, Isiah reflects on his Camp Crimson experience back in 2016. He is grateful for the fact that he was easily accepted and included in his group.

Isiah's picture of his Camp Crimson group in 2016

Visiting Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Poland, was a very impactful experience for Lydian. In her post, she gives a detailed explanation of her visit as she saw the rooms in which people where killed and also met Hannah Moses, who survived traumatic experiences done by Dr. Mengele.

Lydian's picture of quote at Auschwitz

For Reina, France was so good to her that she had to stay for 2 additional weeks. In her post, she gives us a day-to-day report of what she did. From trying to find affordable antiques to enjoying the Fête de la Musique, Reina is not regretting her decision to extend her trip.

Screenshot of Reina's blogpostThe truth is usually a bitter pill to swallow but Laura-Kate’s post tells us that it doesn’t have to be that way. With all the smiley, bubbly posts about studying abroad, it is easy to be convinced that it is all fun and games. Laura-Kate reminds us of a few things to keep in mind as we consider studying abroad, in hopes that we are fully prepared for the low lights.Screenshot of Laura-Kate's blogpostStill on the topic of important truths, Olivia gives us a dose focussing on aspects of the Korean culture that potential students and visitors hailing from a different culture should be prepared for. In her post, she touches subjects like the language, bowing and personal space.Screenshot of Olivia's blogpostAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

Best of OU Create 7/30-8/05

It’s a new month and our students are excited for all the goodness and adventure that it will bring! They are occupied with exploring new grounds like Hong Kong, Mexico and the country known for happiness: Bhutan. So we hope you are filled with happiness as you read the Best of OU Create 7/30 – 8/05!

And now for the roundup…

Hong Kong could not get any better for one of our students as she visits two of its top tourist attractions: Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbor. She, alongside with some friends, make long-lasting memories as they experience the typical tram-riding culture of Hong Kong.

Picture of Victoria Harbor at night

For Colen James, this is a time of firsts as he travels out of the country. He describes his excitement and joy in his post. He is elated that his first trip abroad was to Mexico as it is home to many historical and cultural sights.

Colen's picture of the pyramids in Mexico

Visiting Bhutan, Anne is delighted to experience its culture as she tours its numerous temples, gardens and hiking trails. Her post gives a day-to-day report of her time there. Her positive tone throughout the post helps prove popular opinion that Bhutan really has the happiest people in the world.

Anne's picture of the artwork at Chorten

Although medicine is an impactful field, it is not an easy one. Emily talks about her experience with resilient people during her trip to Italy and how it has helped her develop a passion for medicine. In her opinion, the health situation in Oklahoma is nothing to write home about and she believes that she can make a positive difference. An inspiring read!

Screenshot of Emily's blog postAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

Best of OU Create 7/23-7/29

This week on OU Create is all about visiting new places and reflecting on our past experiences. Our students have been through challenging situations and they have decided to share them with the entire community, with hopes that their experiences may give someone the courage to triumph in theirs. So don’t be scared to feel as you read the Best of OU Create 7/23 – 7/29!

And now for the roundup…

In George’s post, he talks about his experience studying in Arezzo, Italy. Surrounded by breathtaking views like the old Medici Fortress and the fascinating everyday life, he expresses his joy for being able to hone his photography skills. Out of 10,000 photos, below is George’s favorite.

George's Favourite Picture

Spencer gives us more about new experiences in his post as he talks about his study abroad experience in OU Puebla, Mexico. He is grateful to OU College of International Studies for giving him the opportunity to not only taste great food and witness the live performance of “Les Miserables” but to do these things with newly made friends.

Picture of OU Puebla logo

Being a mother is not an easy task, neither is being a student. Now imagine being both like Ashton. Taking care of 7 kids and tackling homework and exams seem impossible but in her post, she talks about how she balances both responsibilities whilst finding time to maintain her blog on OU Create.

Screenshot of Ashton's blog post

On an emotional note, Sarah’s post is a letter to her high school self. By talking to her little self and her insecurities, she recognizes how far she has come and how far she needs to go. Sarah’s letter demonstrates the importance of reflecting on one’s past in order to appreciate the present and look forward to the future.

Screenshot of Sarah's post

If you love art and you live in Norman, Oklahoma, Destiny’s post is for you. She talks about a non-profit community center and art gallery called Resonator. They feature works and showcases from notable artists and musicians including OU alumnus, Alicia Smith. Below is their Facebook page.


Logo of Resonator

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Best of OU Create 7/16-7/22

While this week in OU broke the 2018 record for being the hottest week so far with temperatures hitting 104 degrees, this week on OU Create includes posts that broke some personal records. From car shows to personal recovery journeys, our students have kept their blogs active, giving us a cool break from the heat. So relax and enjoy the Best of OU Create 7/16 – 7/22!

And now for the roundup…

Nicole Nielsen writes a blog post about a mum who breaks her personal record as she trains to be an athlete despite the unfortunate amputation of her right leg due to a snow accident. Directly quoting her words, she tells the inspiring story of how she recovers from depression and tries to rebuild her passion for running.Screenshot of Nicole's blog postThe scorching heat could not prevent car enthusiasts from participating in the 2018 the Wheels of the Southwest Car Show in Prague. George Deshurley writes about how car lovers brought their model cars in mint condition to be judged. Being more than just having an eye-catching car, participants were also judged based on how much effort was put into making the car as presentable as possible.

A picture of one of the model cars

New to Italy, Mackenzie writes a blog post about their first impressions of Italy, which they describe as beautiful. Making pasta with chef Fabio and beholding the beautiful colors of flowers and restaurants have been their highlights so far. Satisfied with their first days in Italy, they are looking forward to many more exciting experiences.

Mackenzie's picture of pasta making

On a creative note, Mercedes Williams wrote a likely fictional blog post about a girl living with a criminal as a father. Succeeding in escaping, the girl reports her father’s criminal acts to the police and he is arrested. She is happy to leave her past and the Greybriar House behind her.

Picture of the Greybriar House

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Best of OU Create 7/09-7/15

This week on OU Create, it is all about new experiences. From different parts of the world, our students are sharing their new experiences that either brought excitement or regret or simply just some quality pasta. So if the monotony of summer is getting to you, get ready for some refreshing posts from the Best of OU Create 7/09 – 7/15!

And now for the roundup…

Over the past few years, Mercedes has been swarmed with several new experiences. As she explains in her post, she has visited 9 different countries from Ireland to some countries in Europe. Although she focusses on a few transportation hiccups, her passion for traveling helps her look forward to a smooth trip from now on.Screenshot of Mercedes' blog postIn her post, Katherine Marie tells us about the tons of street art on the walls of Spain, Valencia in particular. Yes, Graffiti! Aside from the beautiful and bright colors, Katherine sees graffiti as an important and powerful form of expression through art. She is pleased to see that Spain encourages creative expression to the point where they have designate spaces for graffiti, e.g. the Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies.

Katherine's picture of a tagged wall

New experiences can bring tears of joy to one’s eyes as in the case of Sally Jane. In her post, she talks about her emotional experience seeing the Pope for the first time. Being a Catholic, this has brought her to her peak; she could not hold back the tears as she beheld the Pope few feet from her, reaching to kiss a baby.

Sally Jane's picture of the Pope

Meanwhile, Riley is experiencing the Italian culture with some paninos and pasta. Not only eating, she’s making some pasta whilst getting to know some of the staff. She was also given a tour of the Basilica San Francesco in Arezzo where she fell in love with the fresco, “The Dream of Constantine”.

Riley's picture of one of the frescoes

Unfortunately, new experiences are not always the best as in Kameron’s case. Concerned mostly about aesthetics, they purchased a ’72 Volkswagen Super Beetle. It looked good but the efficiency and brakes are nothing to write home about. After paying $1500 to get it fixed and selling it for $2600, new experiences may not always be good but they sure are great teachers.Screenshot of Kameron's blog postAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!


Best of OU Create 7/02-7/08

As we celebrate yet another independence day on the 4th of July with fireworks and tasty barbecue, this week on OU Create was lit up with exciting posts from students abroad ranging from art to shopping to food. We get a bigger, more detailed picture of the interesting experiences students face in different countries. Sit back and enjoy the best of OU Create, 7/02 – 7/08!

And now for the roundup…

It’s Riley’s first full day in Arezzo and she expresses her happiness in her post. She is excited about what tomorrow in Arezzo will bring. What better way to express her excitement than to connect it to the song, “In My Life” by The Beatles! All the places she would remember and beautiful people she would meet; a great adventure ahead!


Riley's picture of Arezzo

Still in Arezzo, it’s Christian’s tenth day there and they are not losing the interest. In their post, they talk about their free day when they embarked on a trip with friends to five villages, popularly known as Cinque Terre. It was a fun trek as they appreciated the bright and pleasant colors of the villages.

Christian's picture of one of the villages

Meanwhile, the city of Florence has captured the heart of Sally Jane with its beautiful, artistic masterpieces and its tempting leather market. She was especially in awe of The Coronation of the Virgin by Lorenzo Monaco as seen in the picture below. Her post also captures her satisfaction with her numerous purchases from the leather market.

Sally Jane's Picture of The Coronation of the Virgin

Mercedes’ post is about interesting facts concerning European food. These facts are mostly targeted to Americans who are visiting Italy, in particular, for the first time. It is easy to have certain expectations especially with a shared staple food like pizza, however, Mercedes warns that there are a few important differences to keep in mind.Screenshot of Mercedes' blog postWith all its numerous benefits of connecting people, social media can do more harm when it comes to keeping the connection, as seen in Ashlan’s post. In their opinion, social media does not give the needed privacy that every relationship requires to thrive. Popular trends like “#relationshipgoals” have made it more important to please society above yourself.Screenshot of Ashlan's blog postAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!


Best of OU Create 6/25-7/01

This week on OU Create, we are ushered into the second half of 2018 with mixed feelings; sad as we read posts from some students about their last days at their respective study abroad trips but also proud of students that were awarded for their outstanding talent at design. Know more as you read the Best of OU Create, 6/25 – 7/01!

And now for the roundup…

It’s the last day Kate will be with her group and although this saddens her, visiting the Roman Forum and the Colosseum seem to have made her day. In her post, she talks about seeing the ruins of famous Julius Caesar.

Kate's picture of the Colosseum

As Te’a wraps up her entire study abroad trip, she reflects on a few things in her post. Remembering difficult times during the trip where they had suffered an inconvenience, she realizes that it is important to think of them as opportunities rather than obligations.Screenshot of Te'a's postAndrae’s post captures her excitement about touring the ancient city of Rome. Making a wish at the Trevi fountain and beholding a masterpiece of Michelangelo (as shown below) were some of the highlights of her day.

Andrae's picture of the Sistine Chapel ceiling

Triggered by a simulation played in their teenage life, Davion’s post focusses on the dilemma involved in choosing between wild-life conservation and human survival. They acknowledge that such decisions should be made with long-term impacts in mind.

Screenshot of Davion's PostLastly and on a celebratory note, three OU students: Jill, Mikayla and Jacob won first, second and third place in the poster design competition for the 2018 Neustadt Lit Festival. A huge congratulations to Jill Craighead who had the winning design! Cheers to more awards in the future!

Winning poster design by Jill


And that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

Best of OU Create 6/18-6/24

Ever heard of the saying, “a word is enough for the wise”? Well, this week, our students from different parts of the world have given us many words of advice ranging from travel tips to insightful notes about art. So relax and dive into our pool of wisdom as you read the Best of OU Create, 6/18 – 6/24!

And now for the roundup…

Katherine reassures us that traveling to Spain does not have to be expensive and stressful. In her post, she provides valuable travel tips, some of which includes getting a transportation card for cheaper movement and using or learning the language in order to connect with the people.Screenshot of Katherine's blog postJosephine’s post about her trip to Assisi, Italy does more than explaining the history of the church, Basillica de San Francesco. She recounts the wise words of a New Yorker in Italy advising her to avoid tourist-magnet stores for those owned by locals in order to truly experience the culture.

Josephine's picture of Assisi

On an artsy note, Kate’s blog post focuses on her trip to the leather market in Florence, Italy and to Uffzi Gallery Museum where she learns about the interesting works of art, both ancient and modern. The picture below captures a part of the museum.

Kate's picture of the Uffizi Gallery Museum

Hailey’s trip to Morocco has proved more impactful than expected. In her post, she reflects on the privilege that Americans enjoy, having access to vast technology. Hailey also talks about her experiences with the Arab bath and other aspects of the Moroccan culture.

Hailey's picture of couscous

Kameron’s post is about audio compression and the unnecessary importance that is placed on it. In their view, the sound quality of the song is secondary to the sincere emotion that we feel when listening to it.Screenshot of Kameron's blog postAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!