Best of OU Create 10/9-10/22

The OU Create community has madeĀ over 150 posts in the last two weeks, on topics ranging from freelance photography portfolios to birthdays in Beijing. Without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from 10/9 – 10/22!

And now for the weekly roundup…

Emma posted about her friend’s birthday celebrations in Beijing last semester. They ate waffles, went to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and toured the Beijing Zoo, seeing giant pandas and exotic birds.

Emma's photo of a giant panda at the Beijing Zoo

Abbi made two very interesting posts in the last two weeks. The first is a piece on mental health and college students; specifically, Abbi discusses the mental strain of the college lifestyle and encourages students to seek out help when they need it.Screen shot of Abbi's blog postAbbi’s other post is about Planned Parenthood. Abbi shares the history, services, and impact of the organization, making an important case for a organization focused on helping women.Screen shot of Abbi's postKatie checked in again from her study abroad trip to Australia. This time, Katie is traveling in Tasmania, seeing beautiful natural landscapes and adorable local wildlife.

Katie's photo of a kangaroo and her joey

Lastly, Chelsea shared a long post full of her own original photography. This post mostly contains photography from Europe, with photos from France to Italy. Check out all of Chelsea’s photos here!

Chelsea's photo

And that’s all for this week! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

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