Best of OU Create 2/4-2/11

Over the past week, the OU Create community has generated content about tons of topics, from study abroad to international events here on campus. We’ve selected our favorite posts from the last week, so without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create 2/4-2/11!

And now for the roundup…

Morgan shared a post about the ancient Nazca Lines in Peru. Read their post here to learn about the site’s history and current endangerment.

Aerial view of the Spider (46 meters long) at Nazca Lines, some 435 km south of Lima, Peru on December 11, 2014. Geoglyphs can be seen only from atop the surrounding foothills or from aircrafts. The purpose of Nazca lines remains unclear, according some scientists Nazca people created them to be seen by their gods from the sky. Nazca Lines cover an area of about 500 km2.      AFP PHOTO / MARTIN BERNETTI        (Photo credit should read MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images)

Eva recently attended the “Bagaisu Men Don’t Cry” event here on campus. Eva shares what she learned at the event in her post here, as well as her reaction to it.

Screen shot of Eva's postBenjamin is finishing up his semester abroad in Germany. To celebrate, he took a side trip to Barcelona! Read all about Benjamin’s experience in Spain in his post here.

Screen shot of Benjamin's postLandes, who was featured last week for their post on Superbowl ads, is back again this week with a more in depth post about the topic. Specifically, Landes discusses what was so brilliant about the Tide ads during the Superbowl.

Screen shot of Landes's post

And that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

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