Best of OU Create Winter Break 17-18

Over the winter break, the OU Create community made a ton of interesting posts, about everything from retrospectives on the Fall semester to Mario Kart Wii. We’ve selected our favorite posts from the last month, so without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from Winter Break!

And now for the roundup…

Brent is a graduate student who worked as the co-curator of Bizzel’s Galileo’s World exhibition. In his post, Brent shares more about the exhibit, the work that went into it, and how this experience has helped him grow as a professional.

Brent's photoof the OU Bizzel Library 5th Floor Exhibit Hall

Carolyn shared a post about the role soccer has played in her life. While she doesn’t play competitively anymore, Carolyn reflects on the moral lessons she learned during her time playing the game.

Carolyn's photo of herself playing soccer

Rachel made a list of her favorite Instagram photographers. Not only is this post a great way to beautify your feed, but Rachel also gives a brief overview of each photographer’s artistic style.

Screenshot of Rachel's post

Elizabeth traveled to Israel over the summer and took the Winter Break to finish sharing all of the photos and stories from her trip. Her post covers three weeks of travel in Israel, with beautiful photos.

Elizabeth's photo of art in Jerusalem

Emmanuelle spent part of the Winter Break in New Orleans, exploring the history and culture of the city. Her post covers everything from the French Quarter to swamp tours.

Emmanuelle's photo of paintings in the French Quarter

And that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

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