Best of OU Create 11/13-11/19

The OU Create community has made over 85 posts in the last week, on topics ranging from the end of the semester to mental health. Without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from 11/13 – 11/19!

And now for the weekly roundup…

Margaret shared a post about her preferred method of procrastination: crafting. Margaret’s post is a humorous look into the stress of the end of the semester and how we can cope with it.

Screen shot of Margaret's post

Emily also shared a post about the end of the semester. Her post has a piece of practical advice for the struggling student: make a to-do list! Seeing all your goals for the rest of the semester written out will make you realize that you had less to do than you were dreading.Screen shot of Emily's post

This post is about relationships; specifically, as people grow, relationships change too, and that’s okay. The author offers advice for people in this situation: don’t be afraid to let go.

Screen shot of post

Britton shared a personal post about loss and grief. Britton has advice, though: Loss will never leave you, but it shouldn’t prevent you from living.

Screen shot of Britton's post

And that’s all for this week! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

One thought on “Best of OU Create 11/13-11/19

  1. Just to say THANK YOU for these posts. I just shared this over at Canvas in a discussion about students and blogging (singing the praises of DoOO/Reclaim and what is going on with OUCreate), and I was excited to see Margaret’s famous last words post in this round-up. She also created a great WordPress site just for her class project, in addition to her great across-classes integrated blog. 🙂

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