Best of OU Create 2/26-3/4

We’re all getting back into the swing of things here at OU after the snow days. The OU Create community has done a particularly good job, generating over 120 posts on everything from the Oscars to favorite podcasts. We’ve selected our favorite posts from the past week, so without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create 2/26-3/4!

And now for the roundup…

With the Oscars happening, a lot of the community was thinking about film, media, and representation. First, Hayley posted of the Oscar winner for Best Screenplay, Get Out. Hayley gives her take on the film, comparing it to Ex Machina and examining the piece as the psychological thriller that it is.

Screen shot of Hayley's post

Continuing on this theme, Morgan wrote a post about white privilege. Morgan’s post provides not only a definition, but concrete examples of how white privilege impacts the lives of people of color.

Screen shot of Morgan's post

Gracie wrote quite a few posts on her blog this past week, which we would recommend checking out! Our favorite was her post about women in media, wherein Gracie shares her favorite “women being awesome” moments from the past month.

Screen shot of Gracie's post

Last but not least, we’re happy to share the newest issue of the OU Forum! This issue discusses labor and how issues of labor impact the OU community. All of the articles are available at Forum’s website!

Screen shot of OU Forum's homepage

And that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

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