Best of OU Create 7/02-7/08

As we celebrate yet another independence day on the 4th of July with fireworks and tasty barbecue, this week on OU Create was lit up with exciting posts from students abroad ranging from art to shopping to food. We get a bigger, more detailed picture of the interesting experiences students face in different countries. Sit back and enjoy the best of OU Create, 7/02 – 7/08!

And now for the roundup…

It’s Riley’s first full day in Arezzo and she expresses her happiness in her post. She is excited about what tomorrow in Arezzo will bring. What better way to express her excitement than to connect it to the song, “In My Life” by The Beatles! All the places she would remember and beautiful people she would meet; a great adventure ahead!


Riley's picture of Arezzo

Still in Arezzo, it’s Christian’s tenth day there and they are not losing the interest. In their post, they talk about their free day when they embarked on a trip with friends to five villages, popularly known as Cinque Terre. It was a fun trek as they appreciated the bright and pleasant colors of the villages.

Christian's picture of one of the villages

Meanwhile, the city of Florence has captured the heart of Sally Jane with its beautiful, artistic masterpieces and its tempting leather market. She was especially in awe of The Coronation of the Virgin by Lorenzo Monaco as seen in the picture below. Her post also captures her satisfaction with her numerous purchases from the leather market.

Sally Jane's Picture of The Coronation of the Virgin

Mercedes’ post is about interesting facts concerning European food. These facts are mostly targeted to Americans who are visiting Italy, in particular, for the first time. It is easy to have certain expectations especially with a shared staple food like pizza, however, Mercedes warns that there are a few important differences to keep in mind.Screenshot of Mercedes' blog postWith all its numerous benefits of connecting people, social media can do more harm when it comes to keeping the connection, as seen in Ashlan’s post. In their opinion, social media does not give the needed privacy that every relationship requires to thrive. Popular trends like “#relationshipgoals” have made it more important to please society above yourself.Screenshot of Ashlan's blog postAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!


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