Best of OU Create 7/09-7/15

This week on OU Create, it is all about new experiences. From different parts of the world, our students are sharing their new experiences that either brought excitement or regret or simply just some quality pasta. So if the monotony of summer is getting to you, get ready for some refreshing posts from the Best of OU Create 7/09 – 7/15!

And now for the roundup…

Over the past few years, Mercedes has been swarmed with several new experiences. As she explains in her post, she has visited 9 different countries from Ireland to some countries in Europe. Although she focusses on a few transportation hiccups, her passion for traveling helps her look forward to a smooth trip from now on.Screenshot of Mercedes' blog postIn her post, Katherine Marie tells us about the tons of street art on the walls of Spain, Valencia in particular. Yes, Graffiti! Aside from the beautiful and bright colors, Katherine sees graffiti as an important and powerful form of expression through art. She is pleased to see that Spain encourages creative expression to the point where they have designate spaces for graffiti, e.g. the Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies.

Katherine's picture of a tagged wall

New experiences can bring tears of joy to one’s eyes as in the case of Sally Jane. In her post, she talks about her emotional experience seeing the Pope for the first time. Being a Catholic, this has brought her to her peak; she could not hold back the tears as she beheld the Pope few feet from her, reaching to kiss a baby.

Sally Jane's picture of the Pope

Meanwhile, Riley is experiencing the Italian culture with some paninos and pasta. Not only eating, she’s making some pasta whilst getting to know some of the staff. She was also given a tour of the Basilica San Francesco in Arezzo where she fell in love with the fresco, “The Dream of Constantine”.

Riley's picture of one of the frescoes

Unfortunately, new experiences are not always the best as in Kameron’s case. Concerned mostly about aesthetics, they purchased a ’72 Volkswagen Super Beetle. It looked good but the efficiency and brakes are nothing to write home about. After paying $1500 to get it fixed and selling it for $2600, new experiences may not always be good but they sure are great teachers.Screenshot of Kameron's blog postAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!


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