Best of OU Create 7/30-8/05

It’s a new month and our students are excited for all the goodness and adventure that it will bring! They are occupied with exploring new grounds like Hong Kong, Mexico and the country known for happiness: Bhutan. So we hope you are filled with happiness as you read the Best of OU Create 7/30 – 8/05!

And now for the roundup…

Hong Kong could not get any better for one of our students as she visits two of its top tourist attractions: Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbor. She, alongside with some friends, make long-lasting memories as they experience the typical tram-riding culture of Hong Kong.

Picture of Victoria Harbor at night

For Colen James, this is a time of firsts as he travels out of the country. He describes his excitement and joy in his post. He is elated that his first trip abroad was to Mexico as it is home to many historical and cultural sights.

Colen's picture of the pyramids in Mexico

Visiting Bhutan, Anne is delighted to experience its culture as she tours its numerous temples, gardens and hiking trails. Her post gives a day-to-day report of her time there. Her positive tone throughout the post helps prove popular opinion that Bhutan really has the happiest people in the world.

Anne's picture of the artwork at Chorten

Although medicine is an impactful field, it is not an easy one. Emily talks about her experience with resilient people during her trip to Italy and how it has helped her develop a passion for medicine. In her opinion, the health situation in Oklahoma is nothing to write home about and she believes that she can make a positive difference. An inspiring read!

Screenshot of Emily's blog postAnd that’s all for now! Keep writing posts, and stay tuned for the next Best of OU Create roundup!

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