Best of OU Create 10/2-10/8

The OU Create community made over 50 posts last week, with posts ranging from working during study abroad to op-ed pieces on American policy. Without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from 10/2 – 10/8!

And now for the weekly roundup…

Sheila posted about her life in Arezzo. Sheila is juggling a full course load as well as a social media internship for the Journey program, and writes about how to balance those roles.

Sheila's photo of a street in Italy

Emma was in China last semester and wrote a post this week about her experience hiking the Great Wall of China. Check out her post for tons of excellent photos and spectacular views from the wall!

Emma's photo of the Great Wall of China

To round out our study abroad posts, we have Katie checking in from Australia. Last weekend, Katie took a trip down the Great Ocean Road, a famous tourist route in Australia. Check out Katie’s post to see more awesome pictures!

Katie's photo of Bells Beach, Australia

Marise stopped by a local garage sale here in Norman last weekend. She made same great vintage finds; check out her post here to see everything she found!

Screenshot of Marise's post

Two members of the OU Community took the time this week to share their opinions on some current events. First, Drew wrote a post about gun violence in America. In the post, she shares some anecdotes as well as her hopes for the future of the role of guns in America. Next, Abbi wrote a short overview of President Trump’s new health care bill and how it compares to the Affordable Care Act. Abbi’s post is a great introduction for anybody new to this topic.

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Best of OU Create 9/25-10/1

The OU Create community made over 110 posts last week, covering topics from study abroad to the science of hurricane analysis. Without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from 9/25 – 10/1!

And now for the weekly roundup…

Benjamin is studying abroad in Germany and attended a historical wine festival last week. This year was the 600th (!) year of the festival; check out Benjamin’s post here.


Benjamin's photo of the wine festival

This post explains the history behind a painting of the fossil pictured below; the painting has made rounds all over the country before landing back in its place of origin, our own Sam Noble Museum.

Author's picture of a fossil

Vera Bosco wrote a post for the OU Analytics lab about the impact of hurricanes. Her post is important at this point in time, with so many people suffering from the effects of tropical storms.Screenshot of Vera Bosco's post

Emily shared her experiences with applying for and receiving the Gilman scholarship. In her post, she gives advice on how to make your application as strong as possible for this scholarship.Screenshot of Emily's post

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Best of OU Create 9/18-9/24

The OU Create community made over 80 posts last week, covering topics from charity work to tips for beating stress. Without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from 9/18 – 9/24!

And now for the weekly roundup…

OU Forum has put put their latest issue. This time, the magazine is focusing on online activism and the way we can all make a difference, even from home. Our favorite article was Andrew Racki’s, where he shared his experience donating food to the OU Food Pantry. Check out the rest of the issue on OU Forum’s site!Screen shot of Andrew Racki's article

Next, we loved this post about doing what’s best for yourself. The author uses a brilliant music metaphor to deliver the message that we shouldn’t put up with treatment or situations that make us miserable.

Screen shot of Earned Stripe's post

BRandy shares her thoughts on immersive language learning in this blog post. Even though it’s difficult and alienating at times, she encourages her readers to push through and keep learning!

Screen shot of BRandy's blog post

Allison shared a post about why writing is great for de-stressing. Not only is the advice good, the post is full of funny images and gifs. Check out Allison’s post here!

Screen shot of Allison's blog post


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Best of OU Create 9/11-9/17

The OU Create community made over 200 posts last week, about everything from study tips to study abroad. Without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from 9/11 – 9/17!

And now for the weekly roundup…

First on our list is Caroline, who is enjoying her time studying abroad in Arezzo. She just took her first weekend trip away, travelling to Sorrento and the island of Capri.

Caroline’s photo of the Mediterranean

Haley wrote about her thoughts on the Baker Mayfield’s “flag plant” from last weekend. Haley shares an analysis of the even not only as an OU student, but also as a PR student.

The OU Community is the best resource for new Sooners to get acclimated to the university setting. We had two great posts this week about how to succeed in college. The first was from Ryan, who shared six tips for freshman. Any freshman looking for some advice, or even upperclassmen looking to engage more on campus, should check out Ryan’s post.

A screenshot of Ryan’s blog

For more general life advice, check out this post on “how to adult.” This list is full of practical advice, as well as some not-so-practical ideas for decompressing.

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Best of OU Create – Back to School Edition!

The first three weeks of the Fall 2017 semester have been packed – between classes starting, the eclipse, and other campus events, the OU Create community has made over 200 posts. So without further ado, please enjoy the best of OU Create from 8/21 – 9/10!

And now for the roundup…

The OU community had a lot to say about the total solar eclipse on August 21. Alyssa wrote up her experience on her blog; Alyssa joined the many students on the South Oval sharing eclipse glasses to fully experience the phenomenon. Cara also had fun time during the eclipse. She joined her peers at the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education eclipse watch party and shared some pictures.

Cara’s photo of shadows during the solar eclipse

Emily wrote a post about her new hobby: photography. Emily discovered her passion for photography during a study abroad trip in Europe over the summer, and, as expected, has shared several amazing photos. Be sure to check out Emily’s post to see all of her incredible work!

Emily’s photo of the Sagrada Familia

We also had several students on study abroad checking in to write about their experiences so far. Katie wrote a post about food in Australia, from vegemite to kangaroo meat.

Katie’s photo of an emu sausage and a kangaroo burger

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Best of Summer 2017!

This summer was a busy one for the OU community. Between May 13th and August 20th, over 1,000 posts were made on OU Create! The Ou family did a lot this summer, from study abroad (on five different continents) to internships. We’ve read through all the posts and are now proud to present the Best of OU Create, Summer 2017!

Let’s start with all the best posts about study abroad from this summer…

There are several students here at OU that used OU Create to journal about their study abroad experiences. Jaycie shared her experiences in Arezzo in a series of posts, beginning with her journey to Italy and her first week in Arezzo.

Jaycie's photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

When in Italy, it’s a must to try the gelato. Sabrina tried more than 20 flavors during her time, and she shares her favorites in this post. Check out Sabrina’s other posts about studying abroad in Arezzo and learning about the food culture of Italy!

Sabrina's photo of lemon and coconut gelato from Corniglia

Over on the Iberian peninsula, Abigail spent two months of her summer exploring Spain, including a five-day trip to Cordoba, Granada, and Sevilla in the south of Spain. Abigail has over 20 photos from her five-day trip, and many more on the rest of her posts about her time in Spain!

Abigail's photo of a cathedral in Granada

Maggie also studied in Spain over the summer and has made several posts about her time there, including her thoughts on the food culture of Spain. Maggie shared not only her favorite restaurants, but also her favorite Spanish drinks!

Eva was practicing her Spanish too, during her study abroad experience in Puebla, Mexico. Eva has shared many posts on her blog about her experiences in Mexico, including a trip into the small mountain village of Cuetzala. Eva also spent some of her summer in Europe, so be sure to check out her blog!

Eva's photo of a waterfall in Cuetzala

Moving into Asia, Sarah recently finished an entire year abroad in Daegu, South Korea. In this post, Sarah reflects on the friendships she made thanks to study abroad and what this experience has taught her about being a global citizen. All of Sarah’s posts about her time in Korea are definitely worth a read, so be sure to check them out!

Sarah's picture with Korean, Russian, and Italian friends                               Sarah's picture with Lithuanian, Chinese, and American friends

Elizabeth went on a month-long trip to Israel this summer to participate in an archaeological dig. In a series of 2 posts, Elizabeth first shares photos and history from her tour of Israel before describing the dig itself.

Elizabeth's photo of Herod's swimming pool in Israel  Elizabeth's torn up work shoes after the dig

Clocking in as the fourth continent so far, Louise spent her summer in Gulu, Uganda. In a series of two posts, Louise first describes how it affected her to see the true effects of conflict, as Gulu was in the midst of the LRA conflict. Next, Louise gives her more general impressions on studying in Gulu and experiencing the culture of Uganda.

Finally, bumping our continent count up to five is Katie, who studied abroad in Australia during the summer. Katie’s post is an excellent resource for people planning to study abroad in the future – she gives lots of great advice about how to integrate quickly into your new environment, and also about how to plan for you outside-of-school trips, which are a must on any study abroad experience!

Katie's photo of living her best life next to a koala

In addition to study abroad posts, the OU Create community also made some posts about how to prepare for the upcoming school year. In particular, Drew has made several posts addressed to new freshman, with everything from music recommendations for walking to class to general survival tips for college.

Finally, OU Create is a platform for the OU community to express themselves. Several posts this summer were personal journal entries, reflecting on how college helps us grow into ourselves. Two posts in particular stood out.

First, Sabrina wrote a blog post about her relationship with gender and how it’s changed over the years. From a tomboy who hated pink to an amazing athlete and sorority member, Sabrina wants both girls and guys to know that “There is no weakness in being a woman.”

For out final post of this compilation, MJ shared her personal struggle with bulimia and how she overcame it. MJ’s post is a great inspiration for those going through similar struggles, and she wants you to know: it gets better.

Tune in next time for the Best of OU Create, Back to School edition!

The Week from 4/17 – 4/23 on OU Create!

This week the OU Create community made 138 posts. This week, we saw a posts about traveling and experiencing other cultures, as well as posts about politics here at home. As always, we’ve looked through all of them and are proud to present to you… The Best of OU Create for the Week from April 17th through April 23rd!

And now for the weekly roundup…

Kenzi took a trip to New York City with her friends last week with the Public Relations Student Society of America. In her post, Kenzi shares her perspective on the difference between life in New York and life in Norman.

Kenzi Smith's photo in NYC

Miranda posted a reflection on her first year as an OU student. Miranda shares the story of how, with many up and downs and uncertain moments, she arrived at her current major, Creative Media Productions.

Screen shot of Miranda's blog titled How I Got Here

Tanner attended Omar Khayyam Day, an event put on jointly by the Persian Studies Students and the Iranian Student Association. Tanner got to listen to poetry recitations, hear talks on the impact of Omar Khayyam, and eat delicious Persian food.

Screen shot of Tanner's blog titled Omar Khayyam Day

Hannah attended Chinese New Year in February with her roommate, who performed during the night’s events. Hannah has shared seven videos of the performances on Chinese New Year over. Check them out on her blog!

Screen shot of Hannah's blog titled Another (Very) Belated Chinese New Year

Jill attended the National Association of Social Workers Legislative Day  in Oklahoma City with the Zarrow School of Social Work in February. Jill shares the difficulties in being and advocate and advises those feeling frustrated to “just keep showing up.” Persistence is key, Jill says, to meaningful social work.

Screen shot of Jill's blog post titled A Lesson in Policy Advocacy: A Day at the Capitol