The Week from 10/14 – 10/20 on OU Create

This week on OU Create saw 407 posts on topics ranging from the Presidential Debate to the upcoming NBA season. As always, we’ve looked through all of them and are proud to present to you… The Best of OU Create for the Week from 10/14 – 10/20!

And now for the weekly roundup…

Brent Purkaple has been blogging his reading notes as he prepares to take his general exams for his PhD in the History of Science. Follow along with Brent for a great education on how science and theology interacted in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Screen Shot of Brent Purkaple's Generals Blog which presents his reading notes as he works on his PhD

The Chinese Literature Translation Archive is being updated with new entries. This is a great example of research can be conducted and shared with open source tools like Omeka:

Screen Capture of the Chinese Literature Translation Archive depicting the Dublin Core Code for a database record

Course blogs on everything from geography to journalism…

Darren Purcell‘s students in Geography 1103 demonstrated their GIS mapping skills. Alexis McClane built this great Esri Story Map on High School Graduation Rates for her blog,

Yeji Yi posted a beautiful blog post on proportion in sketching, focusing on humans and cars. This was part of a course assignment for Dave Boeck’s Creativity Through Sketching course and can be seen here:

Adam Croom‘s class continues to blog their responses to his bank of course challenges. Katie Greer created this great ad for local restaurant Coolgreens and blogged about her various ad campaigns for the course at:

Fake Coolgreens ad featuring fresh produce and copy created for a PR Course assignment

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